Payday loans: immediate money without explanations

How to get minicréditos without endorsement in minutes?

Private companies that grant mini credits instantly use new technologies to enter their mini loans without endorsement in a matter of minutes. Thanks to and its automated process, the analysis, and approval of the loan request are made almost instantly and, once the contract is signed, the money is transferred to the client’s account in a maximum of 15 minutes. However, in some cases, the money may take up to two business days to enter.

This delay is due to the fact that the transfers between accounts of different banks are not made instantly and, as the lenders only work with a certain group of banks, if our account is in another bank, the money will take several days to arrive. On the other hand, if we choose an entity that works with the bank where we have our current account, we can get the financing we need instantly.

To avoid waiting and get the mini credits without endorsement instantly, we must choose companies that work with the bank where we have our account. In the free guide prepared by the experts of we can know the logic of bank transfers and how long it will take the mini loans to reach our bank account according to the company we go to and the bank where we have our checking account.

How much capital do mini-loans offer without collateral?

The mini loans without endorsement are characterized by offering small amounts of money (usually not exceeding 1,000 euros or 300 euros in the first applications) to return within a maximum period of about 30 days. However, the maximum amount that we can request will depend on the policy of each company and the confidence that the lender has with us.

Therefore, if we request financing from a company for the first time, the maximum amount that we can access will be different than if we are already regular customers:

  • We are new clients: as the lender does not know us, he does not know exactly what our financial behavior has been on previous occasions. For that reason, the maximum amount that we can access on the first occasion does not usually exceed 600 euros, although most mini-guarantee companies without a guarantee offer a maximum of 300 euros to new customers.
  • We are already clients : once we have requested and reimbursed a mini loan, the entity will already know us and will know that we have returned the first credit without any problem, so your confidence in us will increase as well as the maximum amount that we will be able to access will increase, which will normally be around 1,000 euros .

We must bear in mind that the mini loans without endorsement are reimbursed in a single payment of the requested capital plus the interest generated after a maximum of 30 days, so we must ensure that we can pay the total interest accrued at the end of the return period. Otherwise, we run the risk of entering into a spiral of debt and over-indebtedness.

When can minicréditos without endorsement come to us well?

The mini loans without endorsement can be used for any purpose because the lenders do not demand that their products be used to finance specific projects (although sometimes they will ask us to indicate what we are going to use the money for). However, although we can use them for whatever we want, we must bear in mind that these credits are small and that, therefore, they are specially designed to deal with small incidents in a timely manner. These are the purposes for which micro-credits are usually used without endorsement:

  • Unforeseen and domestic breakdowns: a broken pipe, an old appliance or stay locked away from home are emergencies that require a virtually instantaneous economic response. With the mini credits without endorsement, we can get the financing we need and pay it when we receive our income.

Avoid bank overdrafts: an overdraft of 1 euro in our bank account can cost us 50 euros. With this type of financing, treatments : we can avoid staying in the red and, in addition, save a little since the interests of the quick mini-credits are less than the overdraft fees.

  • Final treatments: going to the dentist or to the eye doctor are health expenses that it is not advisable to defer. In order to finance all costs that Social Security does not cover, we can request this type of financing and divide the expenses in two months.
  • Pay traffic tickets with the discount for early payment: with these quick loans without endorsement, we can even save if they put a traffic ticket. How? Paying with a mini loan without endorsement within the term in which we apply a discount of 50%, which will be cheaper than having to pay the entire penalty.

On the other hand, since the price of mini-loans without collateral is much higher than that of other loans, it is not advisable, under any circumstances, that we use them frequently to finance our day-to-day expenses. Using these products in this way, besides being irresponsible, could cause our serious economic problems, since we could easily fall into over-indebtedness.

Can I buy mini loans without endorsement and without payroll?

Yes, we can get micro-credits without endorsement and without payroll if we have an equivalent source of income that allows us to meet the payment of the requested credit without over-indebtedness. These are the requirements that our income must meet if we want to obtain mini loans without endorsement:

  • That the income we receive is regular, that is, we must receive them periodically every month. A punctual income will not serve to get mini-credits without payroll.
  • That we are able to justify such income through a document such as income tax declaration or VAT for self-employed or pension income, for example.
  • That they are enough to make the reimbursement of the minicréditos without endorsement without over-indebtedness and without supposing an imbalance for our finances.

For example, both the retirement pension and the salary earned by the self-employed (if it is stable) are two sources of income that will allow us to access the loans without guarantee and without payroll, provided that we comply with the rest of the required conditions. In some cases, the companies also consider the unemployment benefit valid, although this must be sufficient to be able to make the payment of the loan on time.

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